Certified Wedding & Event Planning (CWEP)

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  • Instructor led or Self Study
  • Level: Intermediate
  • 8 -  10 Weeks
Course overview:
CWEP provides comprehensive training, covering all the essential knowledge and skills needed to plan and execute successful events.
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Certification included:
When you choose any one of our LWPI-backed programs, you’ll receive an internationally-recognized certification and a professional designation proclaiming to the world that you’re far more than capable of building a successful career as a wedding and event planner.
Advance your career in wedding and event planning.

Hands-On Internships

The Certified Wedding and Event Planning (CWEP) program is recognized as the #1 training program for wedding professionals around the world, offered by over 2,200 accredited colleges and universities.

Join thousands of successful graduates who have turned their passion into a profitable career.
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Instructor-Led Mentorship: Receive personalized one-on-one mentoring and support while working as part of a cohort. Collaborate weekly to efficiently complete program requirements, gaining insights from industry leaders and professional peers.

Hands-On Paid Internships: Gain real-world experience at prestigious, high-profile events. Build a professional portfolio, boost your confidence, and expand your network to kickstart your career. You can also opt-in to a local internship within your community.

Business Launch Support: Start your business with a professional website, a comprehensive marketing strategy, and a fully booked calendar. Our "Learn & Launch" membership handles the backend, allowing you to focus on your passion for planning unforgettable events.
CWEP is designed specifically for individuals looking to become certified wedding and event planners or trying to plan their own wedding. It provides comprehensive training, covering all the essential knowledge and skills needed to plan and execute successful events.

Completing the course will give you the confidence and skills to launch your own business, take your career to the next level, or plan a top-notch wedding.

Unleash your potential to create
unforgettable events

Weekly Live Mentoring with industry professionals

Instructor office hours for live, virtual assistance

Access to a supportive community of students and alumni

Mobile-friendly digital textbook for on-the-go learning

Instructor-led and self-study options to fit your schedule and learning style

A stunning portfolio to showcase your skills and experience to future clients

One-on-one video or phone conference calls with your instructor

Internship opportunities, both paid and non-paid, to gain real-world experience at high-profile celebrity events

Monthly meetings with a mentor or business coach to discuss your progress and goals

Prestigious certification recognized by industry associations, accredited colleges, corporations, and event professionals.

Certificate in Wedding and Event Planning (CWEP)

Upon completion of the course you will gain the confidence and skills to launch your own business, take your career to the next level or plan a top quality wedding.

Exclusive Features

Lovegevity's Certificate in Wedding and Event Planning course includes comprehensive training, hands-on experience, and practical knowledge and skills to help students stand out in a competitive marketplace.

But we don't just give you the knowledge...

What sets us apart is our focus on practical skills, paid and unpaid internships, and mentoring opportunities with seasoned professionals, providing students with real-world experience and an impressive portfolio.

Become a
wedding planner

Our CWEP strategy involves a step-by-step approach to cover all the essential knowledge and skills needed to create unforgettable events that exceed your clients' expectations. We'll start by building your foundation in event planning and gradually move towards advanced techniques.

You will have your own successful business organizing weddings and events.

In the end, you'll have the confidence and skills to launch your own wedding and event planning business, or take your career to the next level.

Comprehensive Learning

The CWEP program covers everything you need to know to become a successful wedding and event planner, including:

  • Client Consultations: Learn how to connect with clients and understand how to plan, design, and deliver their vision.
  • Contract Negotiations: Master the art of negotiating contracts to ensure your business is profitable so you, your clients, and preferred vendors are protected.
  • Pricing, Packages, and Proposals for Profitability: No more planning events for free. Learn how to put together pricing formulas that are competitive while protecting your profit margins.
  • Event Design and Execution: From planning to execution, learn how to create stunning events that leave lasting impressions.

What's included?

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Module 1: From the Ground Up

Module 1: From the ground up you will build a foundational framework and understanding of the wedding industry from the history and evolution of weddings and engagements to today’s progressive couples and time-honored traditions.

You’ll explore trend-setting customs and how time has shifted longstanding etiquette into contemporary customs and new business models servicing the wedding and special events industry. 

  • Establish a solid foundation in wedding industry knowledge, including historical context and modern trends.
  • Gain insights into evolving customs and business models, equipping you to adapt and innovate in your career.
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Module 2: Beyond Weddings

Module 2: You explore events beyond the wedding and opportunities to incorporate a variety of revenue streams for services and celebrations surrounding the wedding festivities.

You’ll learn how to interview and identify the best quality vendors for your clients and how to create your preferred vendor network. You’ll learn how to conduct a venue tour and what to look for when selecting the right venue for your clients.

  • Explore additional revenue streams and expand your service offerings.
  • Learn effective vendor management techniques to build a reliable network, ensuring high-quality services for your clients.
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Module 3: Event Planning Framework

Module 3: You’ll learn how to incorporate the event planning framework into your creative process and visually communicate to avoid miscommunications.

You’ll explore attire and accessories and understand gown styles based on body type and learn how to create a musical score for the wedding day timeline. 

You’ll create a mood board to visually represent each stage of the event planning process from design and logistics to anticipation, arrival, atmosphere, appetite, amusement, and appreciation.

  • Develop skills in visual communication and creative process integration.
  • Master attire and décor essentials, enhancing your ability to craft cohesive event experiences that exceed client expectations.
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Module 4: Global Traditions

Module 4: You’ll explore customs and traditions from cultures around the world, as well as traditional vs non-traditional wedding ceremonies from a basic civil ceremony at the local court house to international traditions and customs dating back thousands of years. 

You’ll complete your first project of planning an event using the A8 framework.

  • Gain cultural competency through diverse wedding customs exploration.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge practically by planning an event using the A8 framework, enhancing your practical event management skills.
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Module 5: Business Foundations

Module 5: You will learn how to run your business and develop your business contracts and understand contract negotiation for both clients and vendors. 

You’ll identify your financial goals for the year and create a competitive and profitable pricing model for your services and packages.

  • Learn essential business operations, including contract development and negotiation.
  • Develop competitive pricing strategies aligned with financial goals, ensuring profitability and client satisfaction.
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Module 6: Business Strategy

Module 6: You will establish your business model strategy and identify ways to expand your revenue streams outside of event planning services. 

You will also learn the benefits of certification and hands-on internships to help build your professional portfolio.

  • Formulate a robust business model and explore diversified revenue streams.
  • Understand the value of certification and internships in building a professional portfolio and industry credibility.
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Module 7: Client Relations

Module 7: You’ll explore the impact of relationship education during the planning process and how to incorporate a strong foundation of communication for your clients. 

You will also complete project 2 including your company brand, pricing for profit formulas, creating your packages for promotion, and creating professional proposals.

  • Enhance client communication skills to foster strong relationships and client satisfaction.
  • Develop branding, pricing structures, and professional proposals, ensuring clarity and professionalism in client interactions.
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Module 8: Operational Excellence

Module 8: You will learn business best practices for operation efficiency, creating standard operating procedures, documentation of company policies, procedures and processes. 

You’ll also review industry software and learn how to incorporate your company processes into project management and industry specific software to streamline your business.

  • Implement best practices in business operations and efficiency.
  • Streamline workflow through standard operating procedures and industry-specific software, optimizing business management.
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Module 9:  Networking Strategies

Module 9: You will learn how to network your event planning services from off line activities, including industry specific bridal shows and associations to online strategies including setting up your business website, to joining industry related communities, and email outreach campaigns.

  • Master offline and online networking techniques to expand your professional reach.
  • Establish a robust online presence and engage in industry-specific communities and events to enhance visibility and client acquisition.
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Module 10:  Comprehensive Marketing

Module 10: You will dive deep into marketing both off-line and online. 

From digital marketing and social media strategies to press releases and public relations, learn how to get featured for your work in industry publications and magazine.

  • Learn advanced marketing strategies across social media, press releases, and public relations.
  • Position yourself for industry recognition and media features, increasing credibility and client base.
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Module 11: Local Market Domination

Module 11: You will learn hands-on local marketing tactics that will set you apart within your target market.

You will also explore philanthropy within your local market and ways to get involved with a local Non-Profit Organization (NPO) to assist with their events as part of your networking strategy.

You will finish off the module by completing project 3 and producing your grand opening event.

  • Implement targeted local marketing tactics to differentiate yourself in the market.
  • Explore philanthropic opportunities to enhance community engagement and networking effectiveness.
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Module 12: Certification and Graduation

Module 12: You will complete the final exam and course evaluation to receive your digital certificate and earn the recognition and designation of Certified Wedding & Event Planner.

  • Earn your Certified Wedding & Event Planner designation upon completion.
  • Receive a digital certificate and recognition, validating your expertise and enhancing career prospects.
  • By completing each module, you not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical skills and industry insights that will empower you to succeed as a certified wedding and event planner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Lovegevity?

The LWPI program is recognized around the world as the industry standard and is the only one offered by more than 2,200 accredited colleges and universities.
Our students get the training, support, tools, networking, experience and internships they need to launch a successful career. They don't have to fend for themselves. For example, our students have interned with David Tutera, Preston Bailey, Kevin Lee, Lisa Vanderpump, and many other industry professionals to build their portfolio of work and launch a career in wedding and event planning.

Do you offer internships?

All students and former students can do internships. We have several to choose from throughout the year, and as an active member you can request as many as you like. From bridal shows to fashion shows, charity events, galas, working side by side with event planners and assisting at royal weddings. Our students have interned with David Tutera, Preston Bailey, Kevin Lee, Lisa Vanderpump, and many other industry professionals to build their portfolio of work and launch a career in wedding and event planning.

How long does it take to finish the program?

The program is designed to take about 8-12 weeks or 340 hours of study to complete, but you have up to 6 months to complete it at your own pace.

Event organization vs. Event design

The planner meets with the client and plans the entire event: invitations, deadlines, contracting suppliers, tests, tastings, etc. Gather client information: colors, expectations, wedding size, budget, theme ideas, etc.

The planner then contacts the designer and communicates the guidelines. For example, "My client's colors are pink and white, she loves gold, the venue is the ballroom at the Marriott, her budget for design services is $4,000, she and her husband They met at the movies, so they want to include movie elements in the design, they just want white and pink roses as flowers, etc."

At that time, the designer and his team come up with the design based on the size of the room and the needs of the client. They create plans and sketches (or computer layouts) of the room. They choose the types of tables, crockery, cutlery, table linen, lighting, colors, flowers, etc. to meet customer needs. They then present their designs to the client and the organizer for feedback. Designers are the creative ones who take the logistics of the organizer and bring it to life.

Many organizers offer both planning and design services, but have a team of designers because it's not the job of one person.

How is the course carried out?

The course is a combination of interactive online learning with lectures, videos, tests, assignments, projects, as well as class discussions and live webinars.

There is also an exam. The community offers live video conference discussions on a variety of topics with a variety of industry guest speakers and wedding planning mentors who are active in the industry. If you miss a live discussion, it's recorded and uploaded to your video library so you can watch it anytime. The course also provides you with hundreds of templates that you can download and reuse with your own branding/logo. Including contracts, pricing models, business plan, etc.

The best program for you is the one that fits your goals, not the cheapest. Make sure you identify why you want to become certified and that the program you choose will help you achieve it. We would love to welcome you to our program and to our community.

Where can I find a job as a wedding and event planner?

All Lovegevity students and graduates are eligible for an internship as part of the CWEP programme, and Masterclass students and graduates are eligible to work with Lovegevity at local events in their market.

What is the difference between the CWEP and the Master Class program?

The Certificate in Wedding and Event Planning course is just 1 of several courses that make up the Master Class Program.
The Master Class Program is our most complete program and consists of all our courses in a single program. It is for those who are interested in more than just event planning, but want to incorporate all aspects and services into their event planning business.
Often, CWEP graduates re-enroll in the Master Class Program to further their education and grow their business.

How long is the certification valid for?

Certification is renewed every 5 years. Our students maintain access to the course curriculum as we update industry best practices, trends, and feedback from the field each year for our Alumni members.

Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Check out the program risk-free with our no-questions-asked policy. If it’s not the right fit, we’ll refund your money within the first 10 days.

Attend the orientation, complete the pricing module, and if you’re not convinced this program is right for you, we’ll give you a full refund. 

Even after the initial 10 days, if you follow the program and implement the training but still don’t get your career started, you can either get a full refund or we’ll reset your enrollment and walk through it with you to ensure you achieve your goal.

Why Enroll in the CWEP Program Today?

Unparalleled Certification: The CWEP program is the #1 professional wedding and event planning certification in the world.

With graduates from over 120 countries around the globe.

Lovegevity has been training professional wedding and event planners for over 25 years and counting.
With our comprehensive curriculum, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this competitive industry.

Flexible Learning Options: Choose from our DIY Self Study Program (Do-It-Yourself) or DFY Cohort (Done-For-You) programs. Whether you prefer to learn at your own pace or with guided support, we have the perfect option for you.

Expert Instructors: Learn from industry experts who have years of experience and success in wedding and event planning. They will provide you with insider tips, practical advice, and mentorship.

Real-World Experience: Gain hands-on experience through internships and real-life event planning opportunities. Our program ensures that you are job-ready from day one.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our curriculum covers everything from event design and coordination to business management and marketing. You will graduate with a well-rounded education that prepares you for all aspects of the industry.

Networking Opportunities: Join a community of like-minded individuals and industry professionals. Build relationships that can help you throughout your career.

Career Support: Benefit from our career support services, including resume building, interview preparation, and job placement assistance. We are committed to helping you succeed.

Global Recognition: The CWEP certification is recognized worldwide, opening doors to career opportunities across the globe.

Personal Growth: Embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. The CWEP program not only prepares you for a successful career but also helps you achieve your full potential and professional recognition from your peers.

Financial Rewards: A career in wedding and event planning can be highly lucrative. With the right skills and certification, you can build a financially rewarding career.
Online: Self Paced or Hybrid: Instructor Led

Choose Your Path

 Whether you prefer a self-paced, self study approach or want the additional support of our instructor-led cohort programs, we have options to suit your learning preferences and needs.
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Online: Self Study

Complete the program online at your own pace, with a full suite of resources, videos, templates, and tools. 

The DIY program is perfect for self-motivated individuals who prefer to learn at their own pace. With access to our comprehensive online resources, you can study whenever and wherever it suits you.

The Self Study program includes:

  • Online Course Materials: Access to all course materials, including videos, readings, and templates for your business and projects.

  • Self-Paced Learning: Study at your own pace and complete the program on your schedule.

  • Online Support: Get assistance from our online support team whenever you need it through our support ticket center or attend a live Zoom student support session offered twice a week.

  • Live Class: Join a weekly class discussion of topics specific to the wedding and events industry, as well as weekly workshops from business executives and mentors.

  • Paid Internships: Join a world-class paid internship at a high profile, celebrity event or participate in a local custom internship to get hands-on experience, build your portfolio, and expand your network.

  • Learn & Launch Membership: Access to a team of virtual assistants, web designers, digital marketers, and social media managers to help you launch your business.

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Hybrid: Instructor-Led

Get assistance from instructor-led weekly classes to help you complete the program...fast.

The DWY program is designed for those who prefer a structured learning environment with additional support. With guided instruction and mentorship, you will receive the support you need to succeed.

The Hybrid Instructor-Led Cohort program includes:

  • Structured Classes: Participate in live classes with expert instructors.

  • Mentorship: Receive one-on-one mentorship from industry professionals.

  • Hands-On Projects: Gain practical experience through hands-on projects and internships.

  • Additional Resources: Access to exclusive resources, including templates, tools, and case studies.

  • Online Support: Get assistance from our online support team whenever you need it through our support ticket center or attend a live Zoom student support session offered twice a week.

  • Live Class: Join a weekly class discussion of topics specific to the wedding and events industry, as well as weekly workshops from business executives and mentors.

  • Paid Internships:

    Join a world-class paid internship at a high profile, celebrity event or participate in a local custom internship to get hands-on experience, build your portfolio, and expand your network.

  • Learn & Launch Membership: Access to a team of virtual assistants, web designers, digital marketers, and social media managers to help you launch your business.

kind words by students

Our graduates have achieved incredible success in the wedding and event planning industry. Here are just a few of their stories:

“I loved this course. I had the best instructor and fellow aspiring wedding planners. I gained so many new found skills, ideas and how to become successful in the industry. While in the course I locked down a 3 month internship with one of Los Angeles' top 5 star luxury wedding planning companies with a paid position. Enrolling in the CWEP program was the best decision I ever made. The skills and knowledge I gained helped me launch my own event-planning business, and I have never looked back. The support from instructors and the community has been invaluable.”


Sarah Jackson, CWEP
“Before I started this course I lacked the confidence in my abilities to plan weddings as my career. I did not know anything about marketing or where to begin to get my name out there. Social media has always been a challenge for me. These were all concerns I had prior to taking this course. I am now confident and have a successful business in wedding planning…. I liked the approach and follow through the course taught me. It lays out all the groundwork for a successful business, not just in how to plan a wedding, but the logistics of the business like the business plan, marketing plan and social media plans. I would definitely recommend the course to others. I would just tell them to take advantage of all the templates and resources available, including the video library and internship opportunities.”


Mary Tindle, CMWEP
“Before I started with CWEP, I had begun a new adventure opening my business and needed a way to gain professionalism.

Because of CWEP, I have gained knowledge, and feel empowered to bring the best standards of practice to the wedding industry.”

Fairy Tales & Wedding Bells
Michelle McKeown, CWEP
Kind words by our students

Our students love our approach to learning

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Enroll in the CWEP program today and take the first step towards becoming a leader in the wedding and event planning industry.

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