Course Instructor and Career Mentor: Shamica Sweat

Hello. I’m Shamica – one part city girl, one part suburban socialite, and 100% a lover of the finer things in life.

I understand the thrill of having a nice car, a beautiful home, a dress that makes you feel incredible, and sparkling jewels that make you feel on top of the world.

I know exactly where you are right now because I was once in your shoes. I remember the excitement, the uncertainty, and the ambition of having a career you love and that gives you joy. That's why I'm here, to guide you through the Certified Wedding and Event Planning program and our Master Class with Lovegevity.

Whether you're in my college classroom or joining online, I'm committed to sharing my years of experience, industry know-how, and insider insights with you. I want to help you meet the requirements of the CWEP program and ensure you're off to a successful start in your careers as wedding and event planners.

Every moment, every detail, every decision in this journey matters, and I’ll be here to make sure each step is as seamless as possible.

Welcome to an exciting path where your creativity and passion will shine. Let’s make your career in wedding and event planning as unique, glamorous, and amazing as you are!

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Hands-On Learning

Hands-on learning is the cornerstone of Lovegevity's programs, ensuring a successful career in wedding and event planning.

Local professionals bring a wealth of experience, offering personalized advice and insights that are crucial for navigating the competitive landscape. They help students make inroads within the local market, establishing important connections and understanding regional trends.

This mentorship not only accelerates the learning curve but also sets up aspiring planners for long-term success by providing the support and resources needed to build a strong foundation in their new career. 

What will you learn today?

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Kemlyn Crowley, CWEP

“The CWEP program gave me the confidence to pursue my passion for event planning. The hands-on experience and mentorship were crucial in helping me land my dream job at a top event planning firm.”

Program Highlights


Receive personalized one-on-one mentoring and support while working as part of a cohort. Collaborate weekly to efficiently complete program requirements, gaining insights from industry leaders and professional peers.


Gain real-world experience at prestigious, high-profile events. Build a professional portfolio, boost your confidence, and expand your network to kickstart your career.
You can also opt-in to a local internship for hands-on experience within your community.


Start your business or take it to the next level with a professional website and a comprehensive marketing strategy. Includes client nurture and onboarding best practices to fully book your calendar so you can focus on your passion for planning and designing unforgettable events.

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